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Description: SpeedyPC Pro© Repair Utility
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Version: 4.11
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PLEASE NOTE: SpeedyPC Pro© Repair Utility repairs errors including:

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SpeedyPC Pro©

In today's computing world, we receive files from a wide range of sources - email, flash drives, downloads . These files can sometimes seem confusing and impossible to open. But just what are they and what do you need to open them?

PC Cleaner Pro is the answer

Instead of wasting valuable time searching online for the file extension or trying various applications, you can use FileCure to analyze the file. It then can make accurate and helpful recommendations about which software you should employ to open the frustrating file.

PC Cleaner Pro offers many features and benefits:

The problem with opening files often has to do with file extensions

These are the short suffixes that follow the filename, for example, .pdf. The file extension .pdf indicates it is in Portable Document Format and that Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or a similar program should be used to open it.

However, at times these extensions can be hidden, missing or your Windows operating system might not know which program to use. Also, incorrect software could be assigned to open the file. This can be very frustrating, confusing and a big time waster.

PC Cleaner Pro can help

It will analyze the file for you and let you know which program to use to open it. There are so many different file extensions and formats out there these days that it is impossible to have software to support all of them. So, FileCure will make recommendations about which programs can open certain file types and can direct you to them.

PC Cleaner Pro is your file extension magician

It is easy-to-use and makes a streamlined, semi-automatic process out of what can be a very confusing situation. As FileCure is backed by an experienced Customer Care and Technical Support Team, it could not be easier to open the files you need.

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